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Baby name trends tend to happen gradually, which means the start of a new decade can provide a unique opportunity to look at the top monikers that defined the 2010s.

As we wave goodbye to one decade and welcome the new, we’ve looked at data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to reveal the names currently being called out from school registers all over the UK.

When it comes to the most popular ones then there hasn’t been a huge amount of movement in either the boys or girls lists.

At the start of the decade, Sophie and Joshua both held the top spots, but they were swiftly dethroned by Lily and Oliver the following year.It’s been a strong decade for baby Olivers, with the name holding onto the top spot no fewer than three times in the last 10 years, and coming in second place, to Muhammad, for a further four years.

Interestingly, however, 2019 seemed to see Oliver fall out of favour with it slipping out of the top 10 entirely.




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