A (New) | Girls Names

Abigail / Abbie Meaning Father rejoices Acacia Meaning Symbol of immortality

Acantha Meaning Thorny Ada Meaning Prosperous and joyful Adama Meaning Beautiful child

Adelaide Meaning Noble Adele Meaning Noble Adeola Meaning Crown of honour

Adina Meaning Voluptuous Adiva Meaning Gentle Adolpha Meaning She-wolf

Adonia Meaning Beautiful goddess Adora Meaning Adored

Adriana Meaning Dark lady from the sea

Afra Meaning Peaceful ruler Afraima Meaning Fruitful

Agatha Meaning Good Agnes Meaning Pure Abel Meaning Breath

Agneta Meaning Pure Ailsa Meaning Girl of good cheer

Aisha Meaning Life Aisleen Meaning The vision

Akiko Meaning Born in Autumn Akina Meaning Spring Flower

Alana Meaning Bright, fair one Alberta/Albertine Meaning Noble

Alda Meaning Wise, rich Alex/ Alexis Meaning Protector of men

Ali  Meaning Truthful warrior Alice Meaning Nobility

Alicia Meaning Truthful Alison Meaning Truthful warrior

Aliya Meaning Exalted Allanah Meaning Bright, Fair one

Allegra Meaning Cheerful, sprightly Alma Meaning Kindly

Almira Meaning Truth without question Althea Meaning Healer

Alulua Meaning First born Alva Meaning White lady

Ama Meaning Happy Amabel Meaning Lovable

Amanda Meaning Worthy of love

Amara Meaning eternal beauty

Your Name Meaning Well Done

Amaris Meaning God has promised Amaryllis Meaning Fresh,

Amber Meaning Jewel Ambrosia Meaning Food of the gods

Amelia Meaning Hard-working

Amethyst Meaning Semi-precious stone

Amira Meaning Princess Amritha Meaning Precious

Amy Meaning Loved  An Meaning Peace

Ana Meaning Resurrection Anais Meaning Fruitful

Anada Meaning Bliss Anastastia Meaning Resurrection

Anatola Meaning Eastern woman Andrea Meaning Prosperous

Andromeda Meaning Ruler of men Angela Meaning Messenger

Angelica Meaning Angelic one

Angeni Meaning Spirit Anish Meaning Born without a master

Anita Meaning Grace Ann Mean Full of grace

Angeni Meaning Spirit Anish Meaning Born without a master Anita Meaning Grace

Ann Meaning Full of grace Anna Meaning Grace Annabel Meaning Lovable

Annette Meaning Full of grace Annie Meaning Lovable Annis Meaning Pure

Anthea Meaning Flowery Antoinette Meaning Priceless

Antonia Meaning Priceless Anwar Meaning Rays of light Anya Meaning Grace

Aphrodite Meaning Goddess of love Aponi Meaning Butterfly

April Meaning The beginning of Spring Aquene Meaning Peace

Arabella Meaning Moved by prayer Araminta Meaning Sweet-smelling flower

Ardelle Meaning Warm enthusiasm Ariadne Meaning Very holy one

Arlene Meaning Pledge Artemis Meaning Source of water

Aruna Meaning Radiant Asia Meaning Life Astrid Meaning Divinely beautiful

Audrey Meaning Strong, noble Augusta Meaning Majestic

Aurelia Meaning Golden Aurora Meaning Dawn

Ayah Meaning Sign Ayame/Ayo Meaning Joy