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Girls Names starting with


Faith  Meaning Trust in God 

Fallon Meaning Grandchild of the ruler 

Farah Meaning Joy 

Farrah  Meaning Beautiful

 Fatima Meaning Daughter of a prophet  

Fay  Meaning Trust in God

Felicity  Meaning Happy, lucy  

Fenella  Meaning White-shouldered 

Fern Meaning Fern-like 

Fifi Meaning Jehovah shall add 

Fiona  Meaning Fair Flavia Meaning Yellow

Fleur Meaning Flower  

Flora Meaning Flourishing 

Florence  Meaning Flourishing 

Francesca Meaning Girl from France

 Francine Meaning Girl from France 

Beyonce Meaning Well Done Freda  Meaning Peace

 Freya Meaning Goddess of love