S2 | Girls Names

Girls Names beginning with


Shri  Meaning Rich, wealthy Shula  Meaning Brightness

Sidonie  Meaning Disciple of St Denis Silvana Meaning From the forest

Simone  Meaning Heard by the Lord Sinead Meaning God's gift of grace

Siobhan  Meaning God's gift of grace Sitara  Meaning Morning Star

Solange  Meaning Good shepherdess Soma Meaning Moon

Sonia / Sonya  Meaning Wisdom Sophia  Meaning Wisdom

Sorcha  Meaning Bright one Stella  Meaning Star

Stephanie  Meaning Crown Sue  Meaning Lily

Suki  Meaning Beloved Susan  Meaning Lily

Susanna / Susannah  Meaning Lily Suzanne  Meaning Lily

Suzi / Suzie  Meaning Lily

Sybil  Meaning Prophetess

Sylvia  Meaning From the forest